Tuesday, 1 January 2013

my new years resolutions ...

Hey Blogletts,
HAPPY NEW YEAR! Now I'm not one for making resolutions however lately I have felt a little well not the best version of myself and flat .. so by setting myself these goals hopefully it will help me to reach the best version of myself.
Here we go ...
1. To smile more
2. To laugh more
3. To say yes more
4. Not to feel bad when I have no reason to
5. To be more affectionate

What are your new year resolutions?
Bye for now xx

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Instagrammin' #2

Hey Blogletts,
Here are my recent Instagram posts .... _hollyx


No shave novemeber anyone?

Which jacket?
Having fun at Ciao
Playing cards whilst we wait

Tesco has made my life
Lucy's birthday present done
Penguin onesie
Scary facemask

Hope you enjoyed
Bye for now xx

Oops ....

Hey Blogletts,
So I haven't blogged in a while and for this I am sorry.
I have been uninspired and focussed on my new YouTube channel - HeyUsAgain.
However now I am ready to blog again.
Bye for now xx
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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Instagrammin' #1

Hey blogletts,
I've been super busy lately so haven't had the time to blog ... however here are my instagram pictures from this week. My instagram is _hollyx.

Hope you enjoyed.
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Bye for now xx

Saturday, 1 September 2012

August Favourites

Hey Blogletts,
So this will be the random things I have been enjoying this month .....

I don't know where this has come from but at the moment I eat pork like there is no tomorrow.

Nerds -
My favourite unhealthy thing this month is the wonka nerds.  They are just so sour but sweet and dream like - this is what they eat in sweet heaven

New Girl -
This has been my favourite tv programme of the month as it just makes me chuckle (and I love Zooey)
So they have been some random fave's of mine this month, what are yours?
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Bye for now xx

Saturday, 18 August 2012

WE'VE MOVED - a little reminder

Hello there ,
Just to remind you the beauty and fashion side of this blog has moved to GoodGollyItsHolly.blogspot.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Mini Spain haul & news ...

Hey Blogletts,
So I am home from the land of the Spanish, well Majorca really, and have decided to do something new aswell.

I didn't pick up too much over there but I did get 3 things.
First of all from Arta market I got this green dress which I love. It is nice and loose, which was good for the heat, and the neckline/collar is quite pretty so I thbuought hey ho its only 11 euros why not.

Sorry about the mess in the background, I was packing.

Then I got a Lola eyebase. I had never heard of the brand Lola but I thought I would give it a go and so far I am really impressed. It was around 10 euros in a makeup shop.

Finally, there was a band playing in a cafe and they were selling cd's for 5 euros so I got one as they .were soooooo good, can't understand a word of it but still it is so relaxing.

Now for the news .... I am starting a new blog! It will still be about beauty and fashion, I just wanted a fresh start as I felt like this blog isn't going anywhere. I will be posting more regularly and I am very excited for this new venture. I hope you will continue to support me however I completely understand if you think it isn't your thing. The new blog is .... GoodGollyIt'sHolly - http://goodgollyitsholly.blogspot.co.uk/ .

I will still be keeping this blog for posts on other things such as cooking and craft projects!
What are your favourite things to buy on holiday?

Bye for now xx